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Climate Change Working Party



Making financial sense of the future

Quotes worth remembering...


"Our estimates indicate that climate risk — damages if no action is taken — would include tens of billions per year in direct costs, even higher indirect costs, and expose trillions of dollars of assets to collateral risk....Climate response — mitigation to prevent the worst impacts and adaptation to climate change that is unavoidable — on the other hand, can be executed for a fraction of these net costs by strategic deployment of existing resources for infrastructure renewal/replacement and significant private investments that would enhance both employment and productivity."  California Climate Risk and Response  UC Berkeley


Posted by TM 14 Jan 2010


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  • Climate Sensitivity. In its 4th assessment report published in 2007, the IPCC quoted a best estimate for the Earth's climate sensitivity to doubled carbon dioxide of 3 Celcius. In the paper "Where should humanity aim?" published in 2008, James Hansen and other climate scientists estimated that the Earth's climate sensitivity is 6 Celcius. This page contains science relevant to this issue.
  • Update on climate change science
  • Link to Kerry Emanuel's data series - just updated for 2008, just look at that SST correlation to Potential Destructiveness!  - Note it has continued to track the SST since 2005. 
  • A link to US government reports on Climate Change http://www.climatescience.gov/Library/sap/sap-summary.php
  • The Catastrophe Modelling Forum has published its report on Climate Change implications for modelling.  See http://www.iii.org/media/met/cmf/.  
  • In December 2009 Copenhagen hosts a conference which will decide on the successor to the Kyoto treaty. In March, 2500 scientists met also in Copenhagen at a conference to deliver the latest findings on how human emissions of greenhouse gases are affecting the environment and how that is likely to evolve over the coming century. This article discusses why some delegates worry the meeting has only created more confusion, leaving policy-makers even less clear about where to set their emissions targets.
  • See this latest work from Mercer and the CDP





This working party ran formally until August 2008...

....we've kept the list of participants as a historical record - but the working group is no longer active.  Some of its members are still very interested in climate change in their day to day jobs. 

Note, the views expressed in climatechange.pbwiki.com do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute of Actuaries, the or the employers of the working party members. They may not even reflect the views of all members of the working party. There's a risk that someone will maliciously edit the site, we'll remove any offensive or incorrect statements as soon as they are brought to our attention. Some of the pictures are from this website< which is also sited at the UK news site, BBC, we're happy to remove them from this webpage if required.


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